Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Year after year we try to come up with the most unique gifts ideas for our moms on Mother’s Day: something she’ll make use of, something she’ll cherish or something that will make us her favourite child.

Typical gifts like flowers or jewelry are always safe bets for Mother’s Day, but this year we’re focusing on gifts your mother will use on a day-to-day basis. Maybe she’s in need of a new coffee maker, a purse, or maybe she needs to dabble in a new hobby like yoga.
But if those gifts are out of the question, we’ve rounded up gifts for every kind of Mom out there.

  • Jewel Holder
    At this point, your mom’s amassed plenty of great jewelry, and she undoubtedly wants a special place to store.
  • Carrying Case
    If your mom is more of a traveller, then she needs a place to keep her precious jewels safe while journeying around the world.
  • Custom Watch
    A family photo grinning back at your whenever you check the time? Any mom would love that.
  • Safety First
    Make sure Mom’s tablet is always nicely (and fashionably) enclosed in a padded spot.
  • Getting Hot In Here
    If Mom’s saute pan is getting a little dinged up, a new one will be greatly appreciated.
  • Flowers That Last
    Who doesn’t love flowers — especially the kind that will never wilt? Fabric beauties will make Mom smile whenever she sees them.
  • Music To Her Ears
    Whether Mom loves camping or just hanging in her backyard, so foldable chair, which includes built-in speakers, will definitely get her seeing a lot more of the outdoors.
  • Memo Board
    Magnetic Chat Board, because mom needs a place to doodle, pin up pictures and occasionally, take down a message.


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