Other Types Of Diabetes

In addition to Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes, which are well known to everyone, there are a range of other diabetes types, which are just as important.

If you add up everyone with the rarer diabetes types together that’s quite a lot of people. Unfortunately, many of these people are misdiagnosed leading to delays in getting the right treatment.

  • Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY)
  • Neonatal diabetes
  • Wolfram Syndrome
  • Alström Syndrome

Its a rare form which is different from both type, and runs strongly in families. If a parent has this gene mutation, any child they have, has a 50 per cent chance of inheriting it from them.

Neonatal diabetes
Diagnosed under the age of six months. It’s a different type than the more common Type 1 as it’s not an autoimmune condition (where the body has destroyed its insulin producing cells).

Wolfram Syndrome
Its a rare genetic disorder. Also known as DIDMOAD syndrome.

Alström Syndrome
Its a rare genetically inherited syndrome which has a number of common features.


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