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About Pilgrim Shoes

Pilgrim Shoes was established in 1988 in Ukraine right at the beginning of a collapse of the Soviet Union. It was started as a simple shoemaker shop, which grew into the state of the art factory with over 200 employees. In 1997 Pilgrim Shoes has established themselves in the USA. We brought with us our expertise and passion in footwear.

We started manufacturing in Baltimore, MD in 2009, because we believe that it is possible to manufacture in America, as long as you employ latest technologies, robotics in order to be productive. Today Pilgrim Shoes is environmentally conscious US based footwear manufacturer fully dedicated to your wellbeing. We do not use harmful adhesives and our machinery creates no pollution.

Our new brand Areni One® is a final product of our life long experience in shoemaking and our close collaboration with leading US podiatric doctors. Areni One® is the finest therapeutic footwear intended for diabetic patients and anybody else in need of good fitting comfort shoes. All our shoes made with anatomically shaped removable footbeds and manufactured in three different widths M(D); W(2E) and WW(4E). This is what Pilgrim Shoes is about in its relentless pursuit of precision fit.

We hope that you will get yourself a good pair of Areni One® shoes and will enjoy them for a long time.

A short video highlighting the features of Areni One Made in USA
Pilgrim Shoes, a US based shoe manufacturer located in Baltimore, MD brings a new comfort and sophisticated design into footwear industry.


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